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Root canal therapy is for the treatment of pulp of the we save the tooth without shoot of a teeth,with good root canal therapy.90% of the success of dental treatment is applied to a live channel.If infection or permanent damage to the pulp not need root canal treatment.tooth enamel and dentin caries caused by bacterial infection leads to the formation of
pulp infection.taking antibiotics for these infections result in the inner part of the tooth is not effective.This inflammation can cause infection and inflammation in the blood, prevents tooth reaching.tougher to reach the blood pulp will be a difficult pulp self-improvement.
The cracking occurred in tooth fracture or trauma, such as one or more deep, restorative fillings work after a certain period can damage the pulp.also in the dental pulp to take any action which may harm root canal treatment for people who applied before applying the kuron may need.Although in many cases without any  infection may be pulp inflammation and after that healing return to normal
the patient's teeth
-pain, heat and cold starting a long period of time not exceeding.
-night pain waking from sleep
-If you have a pain in the beginning pulp inflammation heal itself did not stay a chance to return to normal.root canal treatment must be made
the continuation of severe pain, inflammation and infection is performed in pulpada abscess formation and causes damage to the bone surrounding the tooth.
always be preferred to protect the natural tooth.Lack of one or more teeth in the adjacent teeth to change the posture can lead to deterioration of the shape. If we preserved the natural teeth we dont need any expensive bridge and implant deep treatments. If there is any infected or defected tooth and we dont use the root canal treatment, the damaged tooth can become the center of the body's infection.we generally use root canal treatment because of deep and broad due to decay.Even before the dental treatment is therefore weak.After the rooot canal treatment tooth filled with  compozite or kuron the teeth available for a life life time.
progressive infection in these cases seems to pass into the jawbone( periapical lesion).after the months of the treatment both of the two teeth we seen greatly improved the lesion.
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