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One of the methods of aesthetic dentistry is the desired thickness of nail,color,size and shape of the tooth on the front of a specially crafted porcelain layer bonding technique.This method is different from porcelian crown application and it wont cut to
smaller pieces.Instead we put out thin layer from the front of the tooth face and pasting the appropriate color and shape laminate.Negatively affecting the appearance is an excellent cosmetic solution for many dental disorders.Aesthetic problems of the front teeth with porcelain laminate veneers as a basis prepared layer glued on the front sides of teeth in a form of treatment aimed at the elimination of these problems.In most cases, structures, and nonperishable solid colors of natural teeth with a natural beauty is enough to give a function.Laminate coatings that way ourselves smile!

In which situations it will be applied?
*Spaced teeth situations which we have to filled it.
*The treatment of the edges of the teeth as a result of impact fractures
*dark-colored teeth with excessive tooth whitening methods are not enough single-tooth
*single tooth deformity
Advantages over other methods is the healthy teeth wont cut and be smaller;
*shorter duration of treatment
*adequate anesthesia is usually required little or no anesthesia
*The color of the metal into the teeth out of porcelain crown applied to prevent the pacity of the natural teeth may be having a different view of the metal used in laminate porcelian pose a problem for



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